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APIs and healthcare. The future will see you now. As the patient, provider, payer landscape changes, Axway API solutions help you change with it. SOLUTION BRIEF Meeting healthcare expectations and regulations. In the diverse and expansive healthcare market, interactions with healthcare consumers and partner organizations have to happen in real time. Equipped with an array of mobile devices loaded with engaging apps, today's tech- savvy patients want — and expect — greater control over their healthcare information, treatment, and choice of provider and payer. To put patient engagement first, providers and insurers need to embrace a digital, value-based model that specifically focuses on delivering improved outcomes through deeper patient engagement. Facilitating interoperability across electronic health record (EHR) systems — within and across healthcare systems — is key to ensuring better care coordination, while complying with HIPAA, HITECH and other regulations. APIs make all of this possible. The role of APIs in healthcare APIs enable healthcare organizations to transform care delivery by emphasizing care coordination and patient engagement powered by mobile technology and functionality exposed in both internal and external systems. Interoperability is best delivered through real-time exchange of information and a platform that meets your customers and partners where they are. An API-powered, FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) compliant approach offers a consistent, secure and easy way to exchange data between healthcare IT systems and mobile apps. By adopting APIs that establish secure integration and handle translation between many different systems, you can overcome the challenges of interoperability and unlock data cross health IT systems old and new. Opening back-end IT systems via APIs plays a central role in transforming the patient experience. APIs power apps that enable better management of chronic conditions, resulting in reduced hospitalizations, re-admissions, and emergency visits. APIs also make it possible for patients to simply pick up their mobile device and access health information and receive innovative services with just a tap.

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